Do I have to remove my phone from its case to use a Backbone One?

The Backbone One is precision-designed to create a form-fitting bond with your phone. We recommend removing accessories before using Backbone One to take full advantage of its secure universal fit. Backbone One pairs best with silicone cases that can be easily taken off and put on again in less than 2 seconds. We've had players tell us that quick-remove cases from brands like AppleAmytorOrnarto, and Otofly offer excellent protection and don't require more time to remove than necessary.

A caseless experience with Backbone One provides industry-leading thermal performance, weight, and phone fit for an optimal gameplay experience. Phone skins from DBrand are also great for those who want additional scratch protection without using a case. 

Cases for iPhone: 

If the cased lifestyle calls to you, there are a few slim cases from PitakaTotaleeLatercase, and Peel for all iPhone models except the 13/14 Pro & Pro Max.

Cases for Android: 

We're excited to get feedback from our Community to find cases that will fit on Android Devices and work with Backbone!

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