When using our Backbone One - PlayStation Edition controller, you are able to opt-in to using the double-tap on the Options button (the "..." on the left of your controller) to pull open the PlayStation App on your phone! You can use this feature regardless if you're inside the Backbone App or not.

NOTE: This feature is only available on Backbone One - PlayStation Edition controllers.

However, if you are in a party chat in a game, double tapping the Options button will mute the party instead of opening the PS App.

You can turn on/off the PS App shortcut feature in the Controller Settings of the Backbone App at any time. 

  • Navigate to the Backbone App
  • Click the "Menu" button - which is the three horizontal lines in the top left of the App
  • Click the "Settings" button - which is the gear icon under your name
  • Click the "Controller" button
  • Click “No Shortcut” by the PS App Options setting


When the shortcut is disabled, double tapping the Options button will only disable the party chat while in a game. It will not do anything outside of that.

If you need help setting up PlayStation Remote Play, check out this article.

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