Snapping into your Backbone: 

1 - To snap into your Backbone, insert your phone camera side first to ensure your phone is secured on the left-hand side of the controller. 

2 - Once the left side is secured, use your left hand to hold the phone steady while your right hand extends the Backbone controller to make room for your phone. 

3 - After extending, you should be able to lower the phone into position while lining up the charging port

Removing your Phone:

1 - Start by gripping your phone with your left hand near your Android's camera while holding the right-hand side of the Backbone with your right hand. 

2 - Gently extend your Backbone using these grips to disconnect the charging port connection while keeping your phone flat. 

3 - Once disconnected, use your left hand to tilt the phone up and away from the charging port connector.

4 - Gently pull your phone out, and allow the Backbone to return to it's unextended position slowly. Try not to let the Backbone snap back.

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