How do I use the Play On Any Screen feature with Android?

You can use your Backbone with other devices like PC, Tablets, Google Chrome, and iPads to play your favorite games and services like Xbox Cloud Gaming. Play on Any Screen is available for both iPhone and Android Backbone Ones! For instructions on using Play on Any Screen with Backbone One for iPhone, check this article out.

To use this feature, follow the steps below: 

1) Go to your Backbone app settings with your Backbone attached to your phone.


2) Select Controller on the left sidebar — select Play On Any Screen. 


3) Choose the device you want to use Play On Any Screen for. 


4) After selecting a device, unplug your phone from the Backbone.

5) Connect your Backbone to your chosen device using a cable that connects to the Backbone charging port and your device.

Once plugged into your chosen device, the Backbone Button on your controller will glow solid blue to indicate that it's being used with another device.

We've optimized the latency and performance for each device. With this feature, the end-to-end input latency is best in class, lower than traditional Bluetooth controllers, making it optimal for cloud gaming.


Availability may vary by region. Backbone terms apply.

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