What perks does the Backbone+ subscription offer?

NOTE: Backbone+ Membership is not available on Android at this time, but will be available soon! You can still download the Backbone App.

Backbone+ Membership is a premium subscription inside the Backbone app that enhances your Backbone One controller experience. Backbone+ Membership gives players access to

In addition, you also get exclusive perks and in-game items:

  • Discord Nitro: 3 months access to custom emojis, longer messages, and server-specific profiles.
  • Apple Arcade: 1 month access to over 200 ad-free mobile games from select developers.
  • Google Play Pass: 1 month access to over 800 games for you and up to 5 family members.
  • Diablo Immortal Premium Adventurer’s Pack which includes:
    • 10x Relic Key – These will unlock chests in Aspirant Grounds to get Culling Stones.
    • 100x Culling Stones – Materials that allow you to upgrade Relics in the Legacy of Horadrim Shrine.
    • 5x Reforge Stone – Use to reroll the random bonuses your equipment provides, except for Legendary and Set gear.
    • 2x Specialized Reforge Stones – Similar to Reforge Stones, but with extra bonuses from the same family group of attributes.
    • 5x Gem Power – Material for upgrading Legendary Gems.

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