Redeeming Your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Trial Offer

Who's Eligible?

We're thrilled you're excited to explore Microsoft Xbox's game collection on your Backbone One! If you have a Backbone One - Standard Edition for iPhone, you will be offered a perk with your device purchase for a 1-month trial of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (for new subscribers)! However, any Backbone One controller is able to utilize Xbox's Cloud Gaming feature by connecting a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account. Check out features like Xbox Remote Play!

Your Code Arrives in 3-4 Weeks

This feature has been in such high demand that we have run out of codes and are currently refreshing our supply.  If you have a Backbone One - Standard Edition for iPhone, go ahead and follow the prompts in the Backbone app to redeem your code - the code will get rejected but our system will add your account's email address to our list, and we'll reach out in 3-4 weeks with a shiny new code! ✨

In the meantime, you can set up Xbox Remote Play by following the instructions on Xbox’s website!

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