NOTE: Make sure you have set up your Backbone to play your Steam games before reading this article! This article is for iOS users only, Android users must download the GeForce Now App on the Google Play Store to play.

Getting started

Once you've successfully set up the connection to your Steam account, you will find a button on the Home Page in the “My Games” row that says "View your Steam Games". Click on the tile to be taken to your Steam games menu!



For a list of compatible controller-friendly games, check out the list on our games page. Any games with the Steam icon or the GeForce NOW icon are supported on this Backbone One feature.


Playing a Steam game

Once you choose a game to play, you will be prompted to log into your NVIDIA GeForce NOW account. You may get the warning below - but don’t worry, Backbone is a supported gamepad. To hide this prompt in the future, check the box and then click continue.


Your tier of GeForce NOW subscription will determine how your game starts and plays.

  • Premium GeForce NOW accounts will not have to wait in a queue or have a limited gameplay timer.
  • Free GeForce NOW accounts have a single server, so it will require you to wait in a queue before playing the game. You will also have a timer during gameplay counting down as you near the end of your time in the server.
    • You do not need to stay in the Backbone app to remain in the queue. You will see a countdown in the app showing how much time is left in the queue. We will send you a notification when you are able to play your GeForce Now game. You can even play another game while you wait!


Once you’re in the game, you can see your gameplay timer count down as it gets closer to the end of your time in the right corner of the screen.


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