Updating your Gen 1 USB-C Backbone Controller's firmware for iOS compatibility

Note: This article is for Gen 1 USB-C Backbone One controllers. If you have a Gen 2 Backbone One controller, it's firmware is ready for other iOS devices. You can check if your controller is Gen 1 or Gen 2 if needed by following the instructions at the bottom of this article.

Because of Apple’s new technology, the controller won’t recognize the iPhone 15 before the firmware is updated. Backbone One controller's purchased from 3rd party retailers, second-hand, or before our warehouse updates will need a firmware update to be compatible with the new iPhone 15 series.

Updating your firmware from home

1. Since your device only recognizes Android, you can connect your Backbone USB-C to an Android device. This device will only need to be connected once, so you can borrow one if you don't own an Android - it will only take a few minutes! 

2. Ensure the Android device has the Backbone app installed (no need to log in, especially if you’re borrowing a pal’s Android device.)

3. Run an update.

4. Check if it is updated. Go to Backbone App > Menu > Settings > Controller Tab > Controller > Firmware. Firmware 1.2.2 or newer is required for universal compatibility.

5. Restart your iPhone

Once you’ve done the update, you’re ready to game: the Backbone USB-C controller will be compatible with iPhone 15 models without needing to connect an Android.

If you don’t have access to an Android phone

Fill out this form here we’ll send you a return label to return your current Backbone controller to us - and we will send you a fresh Backbone USB-C with the firmware pre-installed.

How do I know if I have the 2nd generation or the 1st generation?

    • On the product packaging, look at the bottom of the box on the left side. You will see the words “(2nd generation)”.
    • Using your Backbone One, plug in your phone and open the Backbone App.
      • Tap on the hamburger icon on the top left, then tap on the gear icon ⚙️ for settings
      • Tap on “Controller” and then “Controller” again
      • The Model number is “BB-51-P-B” or “BB-51-P-W” for 2nd generation controllers

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