How to use your Backbone One (2nd Gen) with compatible cases

We’re so excited to get you up and running with your Backbone One controller! In your Backbone One controller box, you will find your controller with pre-installed adapters and another set of adapters in a box on the inside of the lid. These adapters are magnetic and connect to the controller with a magnetic lock so you can swap or remove them at any time.

NOTE: Each size has two adapters, one for each side of the controller.

The large adapters will be pre-installed on the controller for a case-free experience (Or if you use a phone skin instead of a case).

The small adapters on the lid of the box are for playing with compatible cases.

Each set of adapters are labeled with either the letter “S” or the letter “L” on the back to differentiate between which set is Small and which set is Large. Do not mix the adapter sizes.

How to install the case adapters on your Backbone One controller

If the pre-installed adapters on the controller are not a good fit, you can watch the video at the top of this page to learn how to remove them.

Removing the adapters

  1. Insert your fingernail into the notch on the bottom of the adapter
  2. Rotate the adapter toward the middle of the controller
    1. This will release the adapters from their magnetic lock
  3. Remove the adapters from both sides

Installing the adapters

  1. If you want to switch adapters, first remove any existing adapters from the controller
  2. Check the back of both of the adapters you want to install to make sure they are the same size
  3. The adapter with the hole in the middle always goes on the right side of the controller, where the phone connector is located
  4. The adapter without the hole goes on the left side of the controller
  5. Align the three magnetic pins (the three circles on the back of the adapters) with the circles on the controller, and insert the adapters
  6. Insert your phone, and you’re ready to play!

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If your device does not fit into the controller with either adapter installed

It’s possible your phone case (or your phone’s camera bump) is large enough that it will fit better in the controller without either adapter installed! The adapters are not required, so you can remove the adapters from the controller, and connect your phone without them.

If your phone does not fit with your phone case (with or without an adapter) your phone case may not be compatible. You can remove your phone case and install the large-sized adapters to play without a phone case.

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