How do I activate TouchSync?

Note: The Backbone controller must be connected to the device. This feature is only available on Android devices with the latest Backbone software.


Click the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the Backbone app home screen.

Screenshot_20231204_124321_Backbone (1).jpg

Click the gear icon

Screenshot_20231204_121816_Backbone (1).png

Click TouchSync

Note: If the controller is not attached, you will see “No controller attached” and nothing will happen when you click TouchSync

Screenshot_20231204_121722_Backbone (2).jpg

Click Enhanced TouchSync

Screenshot_20231204_121931_Backbone (1).jpg

Your “Usage data access” permissions window will open where you need to slide the toggle to the right to grant permissions to the Backbone App.

Screenshot_20231204_121957_Settings (1).png

After permissions have been granted to the Backbone app, click on the arrow to the left of “Usage data access” at the top right corner of the screen to return to the Backbone app.

Notice that the Enhanced TouchSync option is enabled.

Screenshot_20231204_122139_Backbone (1).jpg

Click Back to return to sidebar, and click Back to return to the home screen

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