You can now add a custom layout for TouchSync on your Android device! Follow the video or these steps to get started:

1) Install and launch the game on your mobile device.

2) Press the Backbone button on the controller to open the Backbone app.

3) Go to "Don't see your game here" and select it.

4) Highlight the game tile and tap Add to library.

5) Return to the Backbone app main screen, tap the unsupported game tile, and select Add TouchSync.

6) Tap Launch game.

7) Take a screenshot of the game when the movement controls are displayed.

8) Press the Backbone button to return to the Backbone app.

9) Tap Select photo and choose the screenshot of the control layout.

10) Drag the circles over the game controls. To add more buttons, tap Add at the bottom of the screen and select the options you need. Make sure that the custom buttons cover the game buttons.

11) When you're done, click Save at the bottom right. You can add only one layout at this time.

12) You'll see a success message once the mapping is complete.


Congratulations! You've successfully added a custom TouchSync layout on your Backbone. Remember, TouchSync currently supports only one custom layout, but our developers are working on expanding this feature.

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