How do I add or remove a game from my Backbone app?

On iPhone 

To add a game:

To add a game, please ensure the Backbone app is active before returning to the home screen to launch the relevant game. Once the game is launched, press the Backbone button to add the game to your Backbone launcher. This can also be done for certain services, such as Xbox and PlayStation Remote play.


To Remove a game: 

To remove a game, the game must still be installed before removing it from the Backbone app. Ensure the Backbone app and the game you want to remove are launched, then go to iOS Settings - iPhone Storage - Select relevant game - Select Offload App. Then return to the Backbone app and select A with the appropriate game highlighted. This will then remove that selection. You can view a video outlining this process here.


On Android

Games are added and removed automatically based on the compatible games you have downloaded to your device.

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