What screen recording quality does Backbone One support?

On Android:
Backbone's game recording, editing, and sharing tools support your phone's native screen resolution at 30FPS. Please note: PlayStation has DRM protected content, and recording this content will result in a black screen. For recording PlayStation games, we recommend to use Playstation's built-in screen recording in the PS Remote Play app and share that content through PSN.

On iPhone:
Backbone's game recording, editing, and sharing tools now support 1080p 60 FPS game recording. We're also supporting HEVC encoding for 60 FPS (enabled by default), meaning your files will be approximately half the size as H.264 encoded videos with roughly the same quality.

Also, be sure to check out Backbone's ML-powered Activity feature for efficient editing.

With 60 FPS enabled, Backbone supports up to a 30mbps bitrate on select high-end devices. It's also enabled by default on the latest app update. The game recording quality on your Backbone is now on par with the default on your PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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