Please check your email for order notifications.  If you have not yet received it, please check your spam / trash folder.  All order notifications will be sent to the email used when placing your order. 

Your order will be processed in accordance with our shipping policy found here

Shipping Confirmation

To place your order, you provided either your email address or your phone number. You are receiving notifications from our shipping partners regarding the status of your order and shipment. Please allow 48 hours for the tracking information to become available.

US Deliveries

Please check with the carrier directly once you have received your shipping notification. USPS/FedEx has requested us to exercise extra patience due to the extra time needed caused by COVID related delays.  

USPS "Pre-shipment Status" or "Label has been created"

If your package is marked "pre-shipment" or "label has been created", this means your package is now in the hands of USPS and that USPS may have missed a scan. To request a delivery trace, please visit the carrier's website for contact info.


USPS SHIPMENTS - submit your request by clicking here

FEDEX SHIPMENTS - Please click here or by reaching out online at



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