Players in the Backbone community have long envisaged a future where Backbone offered some kind of integrated gaming mode.

"If only Backbone could auto-magically put an end to the ceaseless pell-mell of phone notifications that threaten to pry you from the tantalizing grips of Hades on Xbox Cloud Gaming," quipped one wide-eyed Redditor. "At that point, the lines between Backbone and a powerful gaming handheld would become so porous as to make them indistinguishable... "

Alas poor Redditor! Fret not—this is not some far-flung reality. In iOS 15, you can now transcend to a higher plane of existence by turning on the new gaming focus mode, which is fully compatible with Backbone.

Backbone integrates with the gaming mode on iOS 15 for a more immersive experience.

Indeed, gaming on your phone can be annoying because of all the notifications and random pop-ups. Gaming mode intelligently hides unimportant notifications and inbound while your Backbone is connected, so you don't get pulled out of the gaming experience.

For more information on setting this up on your iPhone, please visit Apple's support page here 


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