My package was marked "delivered" but I didn't receive it

Package Shows Delivered

In case your package shows delivered, but it’s not there:

-Check with family members, neighbors, co-workers, a building manager, apartment office, or others who may have accepted your order on your behalf.

- The carrier may have placed your order somewhere near your door, out of plain view. Look for your order in places such as the back door, garage, or behind bushes. Check your tracking information to see if a location was noted.

- In some situations, or during peak delivery times, packages may state delivered up to 48 hours prior to their arrival.


If USPS is reporting "delivered", you will need to contact USPS directly to file a missing mail search.  To save time, we suggest reaching out via email by submitting a service request here.


If FEDEX is reporting "delivered", you will need to contact FEDEX directly to file a claim.  Please visit > Support > File a claim.

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