Will I lose my Backbone+ data if I cancel my Membership?

No. If you cancel your Membership and do not delete your account, all your data and account information will remain securely saved under our privacy policy. If you choose to resubscribe, your data and account information will immediately be accessible again.

When does my free trial start and end?

The free trial period starts as soon as you subscribe to a Backbone+ Membership. If you choose to cancel before your trial runs out, you will keep access to the rest of your free trial period! 

Do I have to pay for a gift recipient’s Backbone+ Membership?

No. During the gifting process, your payment credentials are not used for enrollment in a Backbone+ Membership. The Backbone+ membership will not be offered until the gift recipient signs up for an account. Following their free trial, the gift recipient will automatically be charged the listed subscription price for Backbone+ membership. 

Can I pay for a friend or family member’s Backbone+ Membership fee?

That option is not currently available.

When is my billing cycle?

Trial memberships start on the date you first redeem your Backbone+ membership trial. After the free trial ends, you will automatically be charged the agreed price for Backbone+ membership.

What is “Lifetime Membership”?

Lifetime Membership is a one-time promotional offer for founding Backbone One owners who purchased before November 4, 2021. The promotional period for Lifetime Membership has now passed. If you have a Lifetime Membership, your Backbone+ Membership remains free as long as you keep the same active Backbone account with the same email.


Pricing and availability may vary by region. Backbone terms apply.

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